Win a new building - Last year's winner

Chamberlayne College for the Arts’ new building

Last year’s winners Chamberlayne College for the Arts are an inner city secondary school in Southampton.

They used their new school building to create The Acorn Centre – a place for vunerable students who are unable to access mainstream education.

They choose to incorporate a kitchen area, meeting room, teaching space and disabled toilet to meet the needs of the Centre’s users.

Headteacher Ewan Scott said: “When we won the competition we were over the moon. We just couldn’t believe that the very vulnerable children that come to the Acorn Centre and use the Clearspace building were being recognised as valuable to someone other than ourselves.”

On 15 October 2013 Chamberlayne College unveiled their new school building – take a look:

Why did our judges shortlist them?

  • They demonstrated a real need for the building – they knew what they wanted to achieve and they conveyed it clearly
  • They provided contextual background information which allowed the judges to understand what impact a new building would have on their entire community

What did they do to encourage TES Connect members to vote for them?

  • They spread the word far and wide – they put it on their website, informed parents and spoke to local media
  • Their shortlist video was passionate and clearly illustrated the need for a new building

Watch the video they produced when they were shortlisted and read their original 300-word entry