Win a new school building competition – the finalists - Chamberlayne College for the Arts

Win a new school building competition - the finalists

Chamberlayne College for the Arts


"Help us to make a lasting difference to our learning community."

Judges’ comments:

“Strong need, dedicated and determined staff. Having the building would enable them to continue their good work.”

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We are an inner city secondary school in Southampton. Currently, we use an empty shop on the estate that our school serves to run a satellite centre to provide a place for pupils who are unable to access mainstream education.

The centre caters for children whose education is at risk due to child protection issues or who have specific social, behavioural and emotional difficulties. Often the pupils who access this facility need to attend nurture sessions as their home lives can cause barriers to learning.

As an inclusive school we are always keen to identify pupils who may be ‘missing out’, difficult to engage, or who feel in some way to be apart from what the school seeks to provide. We have taken practical steps in creating the centre to meet pupils’ needs effectively and promote tolerance and understanding in a diverse society.

We have a dedicated team of staff who are determined to provide the best education for these vulnerable children and they work hard to prepare plans for these pupils to help them to eventually reintegrate into school on a full time basis.

The safety blanket that these pupils have benefitted from will no longer be there and for some of these young people the effects of this will be devastating.

Having this new build on our site to accommodate these vulnerable youngsters would be a dream come true!

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