Win a new school building competition – the finalists - Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary School

Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary School


"We need a classroom, we'll tell you why, please don't let our preschool die."

Judges’ comments:

“Working closely with pre-school, which is what they have been doing, is really excellent use of the space.”

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We are a small primary school with 62 children. This building would be for a new pre-school building within our grounds and would benefit not just us but the whole community.

Approximately 7 years ago the local pre-school begged and borrowed from various industries and grants to site a building next to the school on our grounds. We loved the fact that they were so close so could interact with the older children and indeed sample school life before entering the reception class.

A unit was purchased with a 25 year lifespan and guarantee and there was a lot of pride at the opening. Unfortunately that was the beginning of the saga. Within 2 years the side of the unit rotted away and was replaced. Just six months after that the manufacturers went bust and the guarantees became worthless. In the last year the roof has started to leak, the walls are rotting, and the unit is basically falling to bits. The pre-school children still attend at the moment but everyone involved is disheartened and a new building is badly needed. The community feel let down by the manufacturers but also can’t afford to re-raise the necessary funds.

We at the school work closely with the pre-school as they are usually our reception intake, but feel that this building deterioration may lead to the eventual closure of the facility in our small village. The community did so much to get the existing pre-school building and if there was a chance that a few words from a bursar could win them an eco-friendly classroom to solve all their problems then all their blessings would indeed have come at once.

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