Win a new school building competition – the finalists - Samuel Whitbread Academy

Win a new school building competition - the finalists

Samuel Whitbread Academy


"A mathematics building which is as dynamic as the world around us."

Judges’ comments:

“Strong and unusual idea of a maths lab, bringing what can be a tricky subject to life. STEM subjects are absolutely vital to this country’s future.”

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Samuel Whitbread Academy has an engineering specialism and has been developing and inspiring an increasing number of young people over the last 5 years to take engineering as a career opportunity. The Academy has been considering a number of options to increase STEM activities and deepen the experience for both its students and the wider community.

The academy would like to build a mathematics laboratory which would give students the opportunity to experience and relate mathematics to the real world. The mathematics laboratory would be designed to allow students to explore mathematics and to solve problems using state of the art technology, linking the often abstract elements of the mathematics curriculum to real life apparatus and problems.

The laboratory would be focused around enriching students’ understanding of their world and the necessity to appreciate and learn how STEM subjects are vital to our development as a race. The laboratory would be part of a mathematics focused area of the college which would include an outside problem solving base.

The Academy already serves the local community in a number of different ways, for example, as a training school, a science learning centre and a focus for educational research in association with Cambridge University. It is also part of a Multi-Academy Trust serving 3 schools in rural Bedfordshire. The laboratory would be used to increase our capacity to continue developing and educating everyone from all walks of life; for children to further their life chances and for adults to add to their skill set. The laboratory will encompass the whole academy ethos that people matter, their growth, their achievement and their success.

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