Win a new school building competition - Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
Liverpool, Merseyside


'Silence is not always golden. We love to talk and we talk to learn.'

Judges’ comments:

This application really shows the school’s dedication towards their community, and parental engagement in particular. This is really important when helping children to succeed. It is a very exciting project with many aspects.

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Sacred Heart is situated in an area of high socio-economic deprivation and is home to children from across the world, many of whom arrive in Liverpool with little or no English. Our children love our GOOD school so much so that we have the highest attendance rate of any Merseyside school. Our major barriers to learning are low levels of speaking and listening skills, which impede children's learning throughout their educational journey. Our 'Love to talk' classroom would be used for a variety of activities all designed to promote speaking and listening.

1. We would work with our community partners Kensington Vision FM to establish a dedicated school radio area. Our children would work with KVFM to script, produce and deliver radio shows which would be broadcast as podcasts through our school website. This would act as a learning stimulus for children aged 6 upwards.

2. A dedicated space for the school to lead 'baby and toddler' groups working in connection with our local church. This would aim to promote positive parenting and developing speaking and listening in order to prepare children for Nursery.

3. Many of our parents feel isolated and have nowhere to meet other parents. The 'love to talk' room would be open for parents to drop in meet other parents, share a problem over a cup of tea or meet school staff in a less formal setting. Parents and children would have access to this area after school promoting improved communication skills.

4. As a school we would also use the room on a regular basis by creating a learning environment far removed from the classroom. We would create different worlds e.g. a forest or an island to foster their imagination acting as a stimulus for talk and therefore promoting improved literacy skills.

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