World Book Day

Step into a magical world of make-believe on World Book Day (5 March) with our lively collection of teaching resources.

World Book Day is an opportunity to bring witches, dragons, adventures and faraway lands into your classroom and to inspire your pupils to create their own. Light up their imaginations and introduce them to a range of authors with these lesson plans and activities shared by teachers, for teachers.

Last year, many teachers and students dressed up as their favourite book characters. Take a look at some the costumes worn last year.

Top children’s author Jeremy Strong gives a reading from one of his books and answers children’s questions. Watch exclusive videos from Jeremy Strong.

Ages 5-7

The Three Little Pigs - build one of the scenes from the story, adding characters, props, dialogue and captions.

Interactive activity for creating scenes from The Three Little Pigs.

Storybook characters

Simple storybook characters to be used as an aid to story telling.

Story-writing flashcards

These flashcards include an image and some word prompts to inspire children’s story writing.


Ages 7-11

Butterfly Lion - sets of questions to test comprehension, related to each chapter

A set of comprehension questions related to chapters of the Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo.

Kensuke’s Kingdom

SoW and booklet to help you teach Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Creative writing: worksheets and templates to support children in creating characters and stories

Resources for all ages to create brand new characters and stories


Ages 11-14

Book review - a graphic writing map

An excellent guide to producing an engaging and informative book review.

World Book Day discussion of books

A PowerPoint presentation on the history and importance of books.

Reading skills

Introduce a variety of reading strategies with practical exercises in this skills-based lesson.



A Reading List for Teenagers

There’s sure to be something for even the most reluctant of readers with this comprehensive reading list aimed at teenagers.

BBC Class Clip Video: Exploring the Character of Sherlock Holmes

Watch a scene from Steven Moffat’s BBC adaptation and explore the character of Sherlock.

Animal Farm

Explore the plot, themes, characters and imagery of George Orwell’s novel with this set of activities and pre-reading tasks.


Aspects of Narrative: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This resource forms part of the TES English collection on The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and includes chapter-by-chapter activities.

Frankenstein themes

Use this PowerPoint presentation to explore, identify and discuss the themes in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Studying the novel

Introduce the key concepts of A-level English using this presentation with explanations and examples.

Official WBD resources

World Book Day is the biggest celebration of books, reading, authors and illustrators of its kind. Find out how you can get involved at to make 5 March 2015 the biggest and best World Book Day yet.


World Book Day resources

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