World Cup 2014

Bring football fever to your classroom as teams from across the globe compete in Brazil to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup. These free teaching resources will help you and your students to explore the countries, host nation and wider issues surrounding the beautiful game.

Primary resources

World Cup 2014: Fair-play activities

Harness the energy around the football World Cup in Brazil 2014, and use these activities from CAFOD with pupils to explore global justice issues through the lens of sport and football.

2014 World Cup board game

Test your students’ history, geography and sports knowledge with this board game based on the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

World Cup workbook

This booklet of word searches, crosswords and grammar worksheets is ideal for ESL students.

World Cup display

Create a World Cup display in your classroom with this set of posters and other materials.

World Cup assembly

An assembly PowerPoint presentation to introduce the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Activity booklet

An activity booklet based around the World Cup in Brazil. Includes research tasks, design activities and other lesson ideas.

Football paper and borders

A set of football-themed lined paper and page borders for a variety of uses in different subjects.

World Cup Flags

Blank outlines of the flags for each of the countries in the 2014 World Cup – ideal for displays and themed activities.

Flag symmetry

Differentiated symmetry worksheets featuring some of the flags of the countries from the 2014 World Cup.

Secondary resources

World Cup 2014: Fair-play activities

Ten activities from CAFOD to explore the global issues surrounding the World Cup in Brazil.

World Cup 2014 Brazil – Spanish activity

A World Cup quiz to challenge students’ geographical knowledge and practise the names of countries in Spanish.

Brazil 2014 World Cup mascot quiz

Spanish activities based on the 2014 World Cup and its mascot, Fuleco.

Brazil 2014 World Cup scheme of work

Part 1

Part 2

A differentiated, two-part scheme of work that asks ‘Should it really be called the ‘World’ Cup?’

Street child: World Cup 2014

Go beyond the game and explore global issues, citizenship, education and poverty with this set of activities and resources.

World Cup geography

Investigation to compare different climatic regions in Brazil, linked to the World Cup 2014.

Investigating Brazil

Use these resources on the geography and features of Brazil as part of a wider topic on the World Cup.

World Cup 2014 simulation activity

In this maths activity, students analyse goal data based on a simulation of the World Cup.

World Cup groups 2014

Students match up a table of countries in this French and Spanish activity.

World Cup averages – mean, mode, median and range

In this lesson, students calculate averages based on data on the team in the 2014 World Cup.

Good role models?

Are professional footballers good role models? Consider the evidence and build arguments with this activity.