World Hunger Day teaching resources

Raise awareness of world hunger on 28 May with this selection of resources. With ever-more shocking statistics about world hunger, it is increasingly important for pupils to understand how poverty affects people around the world. The free activities and lesson materials below contain a wide variety of interesting facts and information, as well as personable, real-life stories.

Christian Aid Resources

World Hunger Day assembly

Explore the importance of food in a world with a population of seven billion with this secondary assembly, presentation and lesson plan.

Food and hunger

These cross-curricular activities help your pupils understand why so many people in the world are hungry and what can be done about it.

World hunger: Availability of food

This resource contains an ideal World Hunger assembly and comes with supporting classroom activities, discussing both the need for food and fair access to it.

World hunger and poverty activities

Use this Christian Aid activity pack to examine the causes of world hunger and poverty.

World Hunger Day assembly: Enough Food for Everyone IF…

Help your school engage with the collaborative world hunger initiative Enough Food For Everyone IF. This resource comprises cases studies, activities and an assembly.

Farm Africa: Give Hunger the Boot resources

World Hunger Day: Geography

This lesson plan and resources will help children to learn where Tanzania is and to contrast and compare rural pictures from both countries.

World Hunger Day: English

A creative KS2 English lesson about a typical day for a young girl in Tanzania.

World Hunger Day: Maths

With real-life contexts set in Africa, this KS1 maths lesson plan helps your class practise their problem solving skills.

Hunger and poverty resources:

West African hunger crisis

Save the Children have put together these excellent primary resources about the West African hunger crisis.

World Hunger Day lesson plan: Explore poverty through creative writing

Oxfam’s ‘Sow the Seed’ resource encourages active global citizenship, helping pupils to understand more about the issue of world hunger and inspiring them to take action.

Poverty and Wealth

Link to world hunger with revision of the OCR RE B603 module. This useful handout provides a summary with key causes, teachings and quotes.

Religion, wealth and poverty revision guide

Motivate your students into some world hunger related exam practice with this detailed revision resource, intended for the OCR spec.

Introduction to poverty

Intended for KS4, this presentation introduces the ideas of absolute and relative poverty within a global context.

TES teaching resources