World Space Week

Space has the power to capture the imagination of everyone, regardless of age. Use World Space Week (4-10 October) as an excuse to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and boldly go where no lesson has gone before. This collection of free teaching resources is one small step for science, one giant leap for creative thinking.

Early Years and primary

Space song

Familiar nursery rhymes and children’s songs get an intergalactic twist in this space songbook.

Space label maker

This TES iBoard resource allows teachers and pupils to make printable space-themed labels and stickers.

Who wants to be a space millionaire?

Use this familiar quiz format to test pupils’ knowledge of space keywords and terms.

Simple solar system worksheet

This printable worksheet is perfect for teaching the solar system and planets to pupils with special educational needs or English as an additional language.

World Space Week display

Everything you need for a space-themed classroom display, as well as a printable space project book for your pupils.

Cosmic comprehension

Use this simple article and accompanying questions to help celebrate World Space Week in your literacy lessons.

Staying healthy in space

This PowerPoint shows pupils that being an astronaut isn’t just about floating around in space – it’s hard work.

Secondary and beyond

Space quiz

This simple space quiz mixes science fact with science fiction to engage students as they learn about the universe.

Comets, asteroids and meteors

Teach your students the differences between comets, meteorites, meteors and asteroids with this detailed lesson presentation.

Across (word) the universe

This crossword is perfect for revision of keywords and key terms about space.

Stellar evolution

Introduce the life-cycle of a star to students with this informative presentation showing the process of stellar evolution.

Gravity on Earth and in space

Use World Space Week as a lift-off to tackle gravity, mass and weight with your physics class.

Life on Mars

This presentation examines the ways in which humans try to communicate with extra-terrestrial life, and explores the possibility of life on other planets.

Space news

In this engaging episode of SciShow, Hank Green tells us what the future of space might hold.

Living on the International Space Station

Use this article from Science in School as a starting point for discussions about the psychological and physiological effects of living on the International Space Station.


Resources from our content partner Nasa Education

Nasa Experiments for kids

Try these great science experiments from Nasa Education to help your pupils understand Earth’s complicated relationship with the sun.

Moving to the Moon

Get your students thinking about what it would be like to live on the moon from scientific and geographical perspectives.

Space school musical

Incorporate this amazing drama activity into your Space Week celebrations. Nasa have provided all the resources you need to put on the production.

Hawaiians and science

This fascinating video shows the history of the special relationship Hawaiians have with space.

Planetary geology

Here is a detailed and engaging set of resources for a unit on geology and how it relates to space research.