World Teachers’ Day

Teaching is a noble profession and so it’s only right that on 5 October each year the world comes together to thank educators for all that they do. Accept this collection of essential teaching documents and tips as TES Connect’s way of saying thank you – and make sure you let your students know that World Teachers’ Day is on the way.

Take a break with Teachers’ TV

Relax with a smile

  • This video from Teachers TV will help you to de-stress by reminding you why you went into teaching in the first place.

Staff wellbeing ideas

  • See how one National Challenge Academy school worked to boost staff morale in the face of uncertainty and change.

Coping with workplace intimidation

  • A panel of experts discusses a case study of workplace bullying and offers advice about how to deal with strained colleague relationships.

Laid-back or stressed out?

  • This video takes a look at the causes of stress among teachers, and gives you tips to change what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

Plan for effective learning

  • • Make every moment in the classroom an opportunity for learning. This video looks at strategies for primary and secondary teachers to maximise learning potential.

The class clown

  • See what happens when teachers turn their hand at stand up comedy and decide for yourself if they were successful…

Improving teaching skills

The Bloom-buster

  • This comprehensive and original guide to Bloom’s Taxonomy by Mike Gershon will give you fresh ideas to implement in your classroom.

Instant AfL starters and plenaries

  • This PowerPoint presentation offers an impressive selection of starter and plenary ideas that incorporate Assessment for Learning principles.

25 ways to get silence from a noisy group

  • Try these top tips from Rob Plevin and teach your rowdy class that silence really is golden.

Behaviour management ideas

  • Trainee teachers and experienced teaching veterans can find some new strategies in this list of top behaviour tips and tricks.

Stress management

  • These tips will help you to cope when it all seems too much. You’ll be able to break tasks up into manageable chunks, and approach them with a clear head.

Paperwork, pro-formas and planning

Teacher to-do list

  • These handy, printable checklists are for everyone from NQTs to senior staff and help to combat start-of-term stress.

Lesson plan template: Primary

  • Use this printable, adaptable lesson planning pro-forma to create detailed and comprehensive primary lesson plans.

Target-setting stickers

  • Speed up marking, give students clear feedback and set attainable targets with these time-saving printable stickers.

Monitoring timetable for subject coordinators

  • Keep track of all your tasks and improve your management strategies with this blank timetable template.

Scheme of work template

  • This at-a-glance SoW pro-forma from TES English will help you to plan for progression over the course of several weeks.