Writing and submitting reviews

Once you’ve found a resource you’d like to review, scroll down the page to the ‘Write your review’ area, where you can submit your own thoughts and comments. Try to keep your review between 100-300 words, and don’t forget to give your review a title and a star rating.

Help/Resources/Writing and submitting reviews

How do I rate and review a resource?

To rate and review a resource you must be logged in with your user name and password. Once you're logged in, select the resource you want to rate and review. Underneath the resource classification you'll find a box titled 'Add a review', just type in your review here. You'll also find a Rate option here. Once you're done simply click on 'save' to add your review and rating.

Please note that you cannot add a review without rating.

Can I rate and comment on a resource anonymously?

No. We feel it's important that comments and reviews are left by a traceable user. This will result in your comments or reviews being taken more seriously by other users.