Xmas on Us winners

Thanks for being so amazingly resourceful

We’d like to thank all of you for sharing your resources with us this Christmas. We value every one of your brilliant ideas.

Our five winners – who shared the highest number of quality teaching resources between November 5th and December 16th – each receive £1,000 worth of Marks & Spencer vouchers.

David Howes
(David Howes1977)

“To have won is brilliant and the vouchers will make an immense difference to our Christmas.
When I was just starting out as an NQT, TES would provide a starting point when I was tackling topics or areas of the curriculum I wasn't confident with. Even now, I still look to TES when I'm struggling to find the right resource or inspiration. Being able to give some resources back that might provide that same spark or starting point to others is an important part of keeping that community alive and vital.

It's great to hear that your ideas or resources made a difference to someone else's teaching.”

See David’s resources.

Michelle Rathor
(Miss R)

“I think the most recent resources that I've shared on the TES are the best lessons and resources that I've shared and I am very proud of the work that I've put on there recently!

TES has become something that I am incredibly proud to use. The teachers on here are a real community and I love the idea of a vehicle that doesn't charge us, doesn't demotivate us, understands our needs and encourages us to work together for the common good of us all; and our pupils.

TES, you have made 2012 brilliant for me and I cannot thank you enough.”

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Katie Sawer

“I am really shocked, overwhlemed and so grateful for winning. I have so much inspiration behind my resources but mainly the media, what's been happening around the world and inspirational people such as those that took part in the paralympics and Oscar Romero.

As for many other teachers it has been a long 15 week term and I have been working really hard trying to get my year 11 and 10s focused and ready for their up and coming exams.

A massive thank you to TES for this oppurtunity and prize! A huge thank you to my Head of Department and school for all the support with my teaching and resources!”

See Katie’s resources

Joanna Weal
(Pura Vida)

"It's not easy to get teenagers excited about learning Spanish or German... so keeping them motivated is the key. It takes a long time to plan a lesson, and to use a PowerPoint or worksheet only once a year can be a bit disheartening. But to know it could be used possibly tens or hundreds of times instead, makes it that little bit more worthwhile.

I really like it when others review my resources. The reviews have been really positive and it's nice to know that people are using them.

I will be using some of the vouchers to buy a nice buffet lunch for the other members of my department to say thank you to them all for sharing their resources and knowledge with me."

See Joanna’s resources

Peter Scutt

"My inspiration is always the students that I teach. I enjoy teaching the most when my students are engaged, motivated and enjoying their learning. By sharing my resources I feel like I am supporting other teachers across the country and having an impact greater than just within my own classroom.

It is useful when other users review my resources so that I can adapt them if required and know which ones work well. It allows me to continue to develop my resources to impact upon my students.

Like all teachers, I have been working hard. It is nice that I am able to treat my family as well as myself this Christmas!"

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