Yamsaard Rangsit School

Yamsaard Rangsit School

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Q&A with Ms Apiluck Yaemsaard, Managing Director

What is your reaction to winning the Primary category of the TES Schools Challenge?

I am honoured that our school has won such a prestigious award. With so many entrants in the competition, it makes me so proud that our teachers’ dedication and hard work prevailed. It is pleasing to know that other teachers can benefit from our projects and resources.

What will you spend your £4,000 on?

Yamsaard Rangsit School was unfortunately affected by the floodwaters in October 2011. The school was initially used as an evacuation centre but the floodwater became so deep that we had to eventually evacuate the evacuation centre. The school was closed for a total of 6 weeks. Flood damage is extensive and the monies will be used to re-decorate and refurbish these affected areas.

What was the inspiration behind the resources shared your staff?

I cannot speak for the two teachers involved but what I can say about them personally is that they are very hardworking and dedicated to their profession. They will take great pleasure that others will benefit from their resources. They are both long serving at the school and their enthusiasm and commitment to inspire the children to learn is commendable.

Why do your staff enjoy like sharing resources on the TES site?

In Thailand, it is extremely difficult to find share sites that are non-subscription. They like to share their resources with other like-minded teachers. They also like to receive resources from TES to gain fresh and innovative ideas. The TES site is a fantastic way for less fortunate countries (than ourselves) and teachers to gain knowledge, ideas and resources free of charge. The site is also very useful in advising teachers on tips within the classroom environment and class management.

What does your school like best about the TES site?

Its quality, diversity and relevant resources. Other teachers’ ideas can inspire you to create better work modules resources, teaching aids and methods. The site is well constructed with links and different levels of learning. For these reasons, it is accessible and time saving which is a valuable asset to any teacher.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I would just like to thank all staff and people involved with the TES site for their hard work in maintaining the site and giving our school the opportunity to take part in this competition. I am so proud that our school was selected from the thousands involved. I would also like to thank Ms. Dabon and Mr. Hisle for representing our school in this competition. It will show our school as an excellent example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication. After our recent hard times, it will give the children great pride in their school.

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