Your teaching resources - the entries

To celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’s birth on 7th February, we’ve put together a box of birthday delights for you, which highlight the best teaching resources shared on TES.

Charles Dickens & Literary Heritage Competition

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our literary heritage / Dickens competition; you are a talented and creative bunch!

The winner is Sue Pinnick and her Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde student workbook.

Sue says:

“The inspiration behind the 'Jekyll and Hyde' pack was finding students work better when they can see the big picture with the end product, but also need all their worksheets in the same place - great for absentees or setting cover. We read the whole book but I found it really useful to focus on a few key extracts that they could analyse in detail. They also respond well to having lots of varied activities.

I love accessing other people's resources on TES so think it only fair that I contribute in return! I have been teaching English for nearly 12 years and have built up a bank of resources over the years so I think it's a pity not to share them. I feel if I put in a lot of time to preparing a resource, it makes sense to save other people the time.”

Congratulations to Sue, who wins a short theatre break for two and a Penguin Special Edition Clothbound Boxed Set of The Major Works of Charles Dickens.

Here’s the rest of the entries:

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