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Monday 24

United Nations Day

  • Teach your students the meaning of the blue and white globe with a resource from National Archives.
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Tuesday 25

(1854) The Charge of the Light Brigade

Wednesday 26

Diwali, Festival of Lights

Thursday 27

(1728) The birthday of Captain James Cook

Friday 28

(1962) The Cuban Missile crisis comes to an end.

Saturday 29

RSPB Feed the Birds Day

  • Celebrate our feathered friends with lots of fun activities from RSPB
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Sunday 30

(1938) Orson Welles broadcasts his version of The War of the Worlds.

Monday 31



Tuesday 1

World Vegan Day

  • Learn how to be a healthy vegan with a resource shared by EducationOfficerVS.
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Wednesday 2

Let them eat cake

  • (1793) Birthday of Marie Antoinette who allegedly coined the phrase. Unpick the causes of the French Revolution with em6826’s set of resources.
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Thursday 3

Rainbow Warrior

  • (1985) Two French secret service agents plead guilty to the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand. Read up on the debate over peace and disarmament with Teachers TV
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Friday 4

(1956) Soviet Troops stamp on the face of the Hungarian Revolution

  • Learn about the causes of WW1 and the fall of the Austria-Hungarian empire in a resource from AnnaJordan.
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Saturday 5

Bonfire night

  • Simon Haughton’s series of activities will make sure Bonfire Night goes with a bang.
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Sunday 6

(1962) Apartheid

  • The United Nations General Assembly passes a resolution condemning South Africa’s racist apartheid policies. Examine the system of apartheid through a class role play activity from HamiltonTrust.
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