AAMOFas a matter of fact
AFAIKas far as I know
AFKaway from keyboard
BACby any chance
BAKback at keyboard
BBLbe back later
BRBbe right back
BTWby the way
B4Nbefore now
CMIIWcorrect me if I’m wrong
CUsee you
CULsee you later
DFdarling fiance / fiancée
DHdarling husband (or ‘Darn husband’ depending on context)
DWdarling wife (see DH)
DDdear daughter
DPdarling partner
DSdear son
EOFend of file
FAQfrequently asked questions
FITBfill in the blank
FWIWfor what it’s worth
FYAfor your amusement
FYIfor your information
F2Fface to face
4Ufor you
GMTAgreat minds think alike
HHOKha ha only kidding
HHOSha ha only serious
HTHhope this helps
IACin any case
IKWUMI know what you mean
IMOin my opinion
IMHOin my humble opinion
IMNSHOin my not so humble opinion
IOWin other words
IRLin real life
IYKWIMif you know what I mean
J/Kjust kidding
JM2Cjust my two cents
KOTCkiss on the cheek
KWIMknow what I mean
Llaugh or laughing
LOLlaugh out loud or laughing out loud
LMAOlaughing my a**e off
MOTDmessage of the day
NN2Rno need to reply
NRNno response necessary
OICoh, I see
OMGoh my gosh
OTOHon the other hand
PIpolitically incorrect
PITApain in the a**e
PMpersonal message
RLreal life
ROTFLrolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAOrolling on the floor laughing my a**e off
RSNreal soon now
SICSsitting in the chair snickering
TIAthanks in advance
TMItoo much information
TNX or TXSthanks
TTFNta ta for now
2L8too late
2Uto you
WBwelcome back
WTGway to go!
YSRyeah, sure, right
YWIAyou’re welcome in advance