Agriculture teaching resources


Landscaping, farming and plant science teaching resources suitable for BTEC, NVQ and other vocational agriculture courses. From instructional PowerPoints to worksheets, videos to case studies, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.

Plant science


  • One of the fundamental processes of plant life is detailed here with plenty of diagrams to suit different kinds of learners.

Growing plants

  • Help students understand the science behind greenhouses with this design project.

Plant breeding

  • Explain the facts about plant breeding so students can grow crops and vegetation with success.

Plant reproduction

  • Without a sound knowledge of plant reproduction, growing crops becomes a difficult practice. NGfL Cymru offers worksheets to visualise the concepts of reproduction.

Agriculture as a business

Land-based business

  • A functional and essential look at the agricultural industry.


  • Look at landscapes artistically with this overview of the landscaping business.

Integrated farm management

  • An introduction to responsible farming.

Organic farming

  • Detailed handout from FACEonline informing students how farms make sure their produce is organic.

Livestock farming

Dairy farming

  • This Foodafactoflife case study covers the welfare of cows and the processes involved in dairy farming.

Sheep farming

  • A FACEonline resource on the history, techniques and seasonal information of sheep farming with links to extra sources on the topic.

Pigs in the pen

  • From pig-rearing of the past to the indoor and outdoor systems of today try this FACEonline handout for a beginner’s guide to pig farming.

Livestock identity

  • Can students spot their British Lop from their Gloucestershire Old Spots? If not, this handy FACEonline booklet is a useful reference.

Animal health

Animal care

  • A second year agriculture student talks about welfare and nutrition of animals featuring lemurs and chicken.

Farm animal health

  • NGfL Cymru encourages ‘good practice’ through instructional videos, tasks and revision games on veterinary medication.

Farm animal diseases

  • These resources by NGfL Cymru cover zoonotic diseases, outlining the hazards and pitfalls of disease on the farm.

Tools & machinery

Safety, waste & tools

  • Several worksheets and PowerPoint presentations on safety around the farm, disposing of waste and the use of hand tools byNGfL Cymru.

Farm machinery

  • A briefing by FACEonlin on the history of farm machinery development and mechanisation.


Redesign of Kensington Palace Gardens

  • Gardens and Estates Operations Manager Graham Dillamore discusses the redesign of the gardens and all the hard work and processes that have gone into it.

Landscape gardening championships

  • The British Worldskill gardening team of 2007 share their secrets and best practice for landscape gardens and shed light on the art of gardening with other skilled gardeners.


Animal technology

  • Introduction to job roles and salaries for careers in the husbandry, care and welfare of animals.


  • Employment and industry information for those students interested in animals living in rivers, oceans and other water environments.

Game and wildlife

  • From pheasants to deer, partridges to grouse, there is plenty to get students started in a game and wildlife management career with this helpful guide.


  • If timber, tree care or forestry interest your students, this career guide will help them work towards their ideal job.

Agricultural skills: Crops

  • A careers-focused look at the future benefits of crop farming including earnings, job roles and responsibilities.

Agricultural skills: Livestock

  • The earnings, job opportunities and skills involved in livestock farming are outlined and explained in this resource.

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