Alphabet posters, cards and displays, games and activities

Posters, cards and displays

Alphabet cards/ display

  • Upper and lower case alphabet cards using Sassoon Primary Infant font.

Alphabet letters and pictures for display

  • 26 letters of the alphabet, upper and lower case, with Widgit pictures for classroom display.

Four Picture Alphabet Posters

  • Decorative printable alphabet posters featuring four images for each letter of the alphabet.

Alphabet mats

  • Mat with alphabet letters (upper and lower case in Sassoon font).

Alphabet practice photo cards

  • Photo cards to laminate and use to practice letter formation.

Alphabet card

  • Alphabet cards and mat to support writing practice and phonics.

Mini photo alphabet cards

  • Small alphabet flash cards with different borders displaying vowels and consonants.

Alphabet posters

  • Alphabet letter posters for your classroom display in upper and lower case.

Photo alphabet

  • Photo alphabet showing lower and upper case letters, photo and name of the subject.

Alphabet grid

  • Grid showing lower and upper case letters with a picture beginning with the appropriate sound.

Alphabet games and activities

Alphabet Bingo

  • Bingo cards for alphabet bingo and alphabet cards for caller.


  • PowerPoint to learn the alphabet and various sheets and games to practice.

Alphabet Olympique

  • Find images related to letters of the alphabet and cut and paste them.

Alphabet matching cards

  • ards with photo, word, and letter to match. Print and laminate.

Alphabet wheels

  • Match up a letter with a picture on the alphabet wheel that begins with the same letter sound.

Alphabet chart and game

  • Picture alphabet chart with a matching ?bingo style? game to match the letter to the picture.

Alphabet loop cards

  • Alphabet cards with lower case letters to match with the corresponding image.

Alphabet matching game

  • Cards to cut and laminate, then pupils match using the visual clues.

Words and pictures

  • Worksheets to match words to pictures so children can create their own basic dictionary.

Alphabet dominoes

  • Print alphabet dominoes for matching lower case to upper case letters.