April assemblies

15 Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday

  • Celebrate the masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci with this assembly.

16 Ending slavery: An unfinished business

  • Take a look at modern day forms of slavery and the battle for emancipation and against injustice.

17 Everyday first aid

  • Teach basic first aid skills with this PowerPoint presentation.

18 Interactive bionic vision

  • A video on the latest developments in visual prosthetics could improve the lives of thousands of people. Get pupils thinking about how technology can help our everyday lives.

19 Cannabis

  • Use this PowerPoint presentation in an assembly to consider whether cannabis should be legalised or not.

22 Earth Day

  • Explore how 21st Century environmental concerns have opened the way for new career opportunities.

23 Shakespeare’s Birthday

  • Celebrate the Bard’s life and works with an assembly to mark his birthday.

24 Atomic bomb

  • On this day in 1945, President Truman was briefed on the Manhattan project. Explore how nuclear weapons affected Japan and the impact on international relations.

25 ANZAC day

  • What is ANZAC day and why is it celebrated? Find out with this lesson.

26 Arbor Day

  • Celebrate Arbor Day with this PowerPoint presentation to get pupils motivated and planting some trees.


  • Begin RSPCA week with an assembly on what RSPCA inspectors do on a daily basis.

30 Honesty

  • Use this short story to show that honesty really is the best policy.

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