Assistant Principal - Student Learning

Assistant Principal - Student Learning

Melton Secondary College in Victoria


The Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

  • Work as a member of the Principal team taking responsibility for the overall school’s improvement journey as well as the orderly running of the daily program.
  • Leading, supporting and assisting whole school planning and development.
  • Contributing to school accountability functions including research, the interpretation of data, the preparation of the School Strategic plan and associated processes, the Annual Implementation plan: Annual Reports to the school community; other reviews and reports as necessary and/or required.
  • Take overall responsibility for the Student Learning area of the school’s Strategic plan, along with the Leading teachers – Student Learning, Literacy, Numeracy and High Achievers/Specialisms. Overseeing their work in: building teacher capacity to support student learning and achievement, developing systems for teacher collaboration, developing and documenting curriculum, scope and sequence, reviewing, utilizing digital technologies for enhanced learning and engagement, further developing the curriculum model and developing strategies to address underachieving students.
  • Supervise, coordinate and appraise the work of the Leading Teachers responsible for Student Learning, Instructional Coaching and Curriculum Programs.
  • Lead the school in developing processes to build teacher capacity to support student learning and achievement. Manage the Staff Performance and Development plan and processes.
  • Oversee the enrolment, management and progress of students in years 7 - 9 and support the work of the Sub-School Leaders and Year Level Team Leaders.
  • Work closely with the leading teachers, YLTLs and teachers in identifying underachieving students and develop approaches, action plans and systems to support their development.
  • Role model the college values of “Success, Team-Work, Ambition, Respect and Responsibility”
  • Hold self and others to account in fulfilling their duties and supporting the schools vision and goals.
  • Any other duty as requested by the principal.


If you would like a tour of the college please contact Angela Karvelas on 9743 3322. Tour dates: Thursday, 24th October 4.30 pm and Monday, 28th October 4.30pm


How to apply:


Please Quote “TES Australia” when responding to this ad


School Details

Melton Secondary College 
PO Box 597 
Melton,    3337


Applications close: 31/10/2013


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