Autism resources

A special selection of resources to support the teaching of pupils with autism across different age ranges and settings.Includes a number of practical activities and lesson plans that could be used within the classroom.

Collection created by Bev Evans

Autism: Top Five Tips Poster

  • An informative, colourful poster to hang in your staffroom; this resource gives key information and ideas in an easy to read format. Links to recommended resources, that support this area, are also included.

Autism awareness pack

  • A pack of different worksheets and information sheets for children with ASD and Asperger’s to complete and work through in order to understand ASD and support behaviour and emotions.

What is good practice in autism education?

  • This research identified and recorded existing practice in schools which were considered to provide excellent care for autistic children and sets out good practice guidelines from autismeducationtrust.

Autism school community

  • Comprehensive guidance for those working with pupils who have autism. Quite wordy but includes some good resources and ideas.

Being different may be cool

  • A Teachers TV video following the learning experiences of three brothers, aged 8, 12 and 16, who are all on the autistic spectrum but have different needs.

Autism awareness peer support pack

  • PowerPoint presentation and student work pack/activities about the positive aspects of autism and how to be a better friend to someone who has autism.

Boy in a bubble

  • A very effective presentation which says a lot in a very short time. An excellent discussion starter from SENteacch.

IDP: Supporting children with autism - EYFS

  • Some useful guidance for EYFS teachers on supporting children on the autistic spectrum.

Understanding autism

  • Twenty-year-old John Simpson, who himself is on the autistic spectrum, guides us through the theory and reality of life for many ASD pupils at secondary school.

Autism friendly classrooms

  • Useful set of resources that can be used for staff training. Also includes resources to use within the classroom.

Sensory issues and autism in the classroom

  • Notes taken at a conference looking at sensory issues. Includes helpful bullet pointed information from inclusivesolutions.

Autism spectrum disorders resource pack

  • Useful guidance for school staff from NationalAutisticSociety. Also contains lesson ideas and resources.

Inclusion and autism

  • Four boys on the autistic spectrum are observed during their school day to see how their individual needs are met by both mainstream and specialist staff. A secondary based Teachers TV video.

Autism: Raising awareness

  • A set of resources to develop awareness of autism in the group and wider school.

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