Autumn collection

The crops are ready to be reaped, the leaves are falling from the trees and the landscape is coloured with hues of golden brown, yellow and orange: it can only be autumn. Get into the spirit of the season with this mixture of fun and topical resources.

A poem with a drumbeat – on keeping warm in the Autumn

  • Encourage your children’s creativity with this audio and visual PowerPoint – plus worksheet – all about getting dressed to go out in the cold.

Autumn and Summer: Moving, composing and singing

  • A wonderful package full of ideas for Autumn music. It includes videos with instructions on how to play musical game as well as worksheets.

Song about the seasons

  • Inspire your pupils with this video featuring words and prompts for using percussion instruments in class.

Autumn Scents

  • Take a stroll through the woods with Nature Detectives and use the natural environment to create your own autumnal fragrance.

Reflections on autumn

  • Learn about reflections by using an autumn landscape as a starting point.

My little book of autumn

  • Start crafting a seasonal book for autumn by colouring in and cutting and sticking these picture templates to the pages of your book.

Autumn walk senses recording sheet

  • Help your pupils tune in to their senses with this recording sheet that will allow them to keep a track of their sensual experiences while taking a walk in the woods.

Autumn alphabet

  • Create an A-Z of all things autumn using the dictionary and a little bit of imagination.

Autumn topic words

  • Oranges and reds and falling leaves are just some of the autumnal themes that come to mind and that are covered by these topic cards for display.

Autumn haiku

  • This is an opportunity to test the autumn vocabulary and imaginations of your pupils with this haiku writing lesson.

Autumn topic plan

  • From conducting a leaf dance to collecting fallen leaves, this autumn topic plan features a wide range of activities for your class to enjoy.

Autumn art

  • A study in warm colours and changing landscapes through the brush strokes of the likes of Van Gogh forms the basis for this autumn-themed art lesson.

Autumn scavenger hunt

  • With a list of treasures at hand, the forest floor becomes a goldmine of activity in this Nature Detectives autumn scavenger hunt.

Autumn poem framework

  • This poem framework is designed to tap into the sights, smells and textures of autumn.

Autumn presentation

  • Falling leaves and ripened berries are some familiar sights around autumn time, and this presentation captures the essence of autumn in photo and then in poem.

Autumn assembly

  • Create a contemplative atmosphere with these autumn photos and captions to introduce the autumn topic.

Autumn sing-along

  • Bring autumn to life with song, using these lyrics adapted from popular nursery rhymes.

Autumn leaves dance

  • Your pupils will be able to put on their dancing shoes by swishing, gliding and wiggling like a leaf falling from a tree.