Back to school resources

back to school resources

A new school year and the prospect of a new class can seem daunting, but we are here to help. Transition effortlessly between holiday mode and the classroom with these free, hand-picked Back to School resources. There are ice breakers, and team spirit tasks, settling-in guides and behaviour management tips and more goodies to pick from, so you can spend a little longer enjoying your summer break.

Getting to know your pupils

50 ideas for meeting your new class

  • Pack-out the first few weeks of term with this array of activities to get to know your new class.

Who I am, what I love

  • Get your pupils to share their favourite foods, family and special friends with these colouring-in templates.

Passport to Year X

  • Fears and dreams can be recorded in this passport template – it’s an unusual, yet positive, way to prepare for the new year.

Student scoop

  • Students can find out gossip about each other with this simple interviewing activity.

Break the ice bundle

  • There are lots of activities to energise, entertain and build relationships between soon-to-become friends in this bundle of resources.

Someone who…

  • Students can mingle and discover interesting facts about each other thanks to this resource.

What do we know

  • Students will be puzzling over these quiz questions and they will build good relationships as they battle to become the winning team.

Having a laugh

  • Try this uniquely odd list of ice-breaker questions and get students giggling.

The same but different

  • Celebrate similarities and embrace diversity with these ice-breaking activities.

New planet, new home

  • Go off into space and get students warming up their brains for the rest of term. This team-working activity is great for building relationships and developing decision-making skills.

Helping pupils to settle in

Getting to know you week

  • This handy 5-day plan will ensure that you won’t need to spend all of the last week of summer preparing for your first week back.

Our form rules

  • An interactive extravaganza. There are lots of active tasks here that will get students creating rules, setting targets and building relationships with their peers.

Getting started

  • Tackle those start of term issues with these ground rules and settling-in booklets.

Tutor team

  • Help your class be more than just different pupils in one classroom. These ideas encourage a strong team spirit.

Welcome all

  • You can send this colourful letter to welcome children and parents to your new Year 1 class, or adapt it for other levels.

Behaviour top 10

  • Control your classroom crowd with these top tips for behavioural management.

Postcards to Parents

  • Pupils can send news of their achievements home with these postcards to send to parents.

Friendship assembly

  • Smiley, happy faces and friendships full of fun are the focus of this assembly.

Classroom community

  • Help pupils work together and create a cohesive classroom community who are proud of how their classroom looks with this classroom monitor job sheet.