Battle of Hastings teaching resources

 Battle of Hastings resources

The Battle of Hastings is one of the most famous battles in history. On 14 October 1066 William of Normandy defeated King Harold, ending a long line of Anglo-Saxon rule. Steer your pupils through this critical event and introduce them to key characters such as William, Harold and Edward the Confessor. You can also help them to understand the feudal system and engage them in a re-enactment of the Norman invasion with these exciting free lesson plans and activities shared on TES.


Castles and William the Conqueror (KS1 History)

Introduce your class to castles, William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings with the help of this excellent SOW.

Chronology Skills

Help your class practice their chronology skills with this PowerPoint resource.

Homes in the past

This popular resource shows how homes have changed from the time of the Battle of Hastings to the present day.

KS1 class activities

A set of on-screen activities to help pupils learn independently about life in the Medieval period.

The Feudal System

Help your pupils to understand how society was organised and how William the Conqueror ruled England. Suitable for KS2.


Animated film of 1066

Show your class this silent animation showing the key movements and characters leading up to the Battle of Hastings.

NGfLCymru: History starter activities

A series of interactive games from NGfLCymru covering the Norman Conquest, Edward the Confessor, the Battle of Hastings, the Church, 1066 and William’s problems.

Medieval Life: The Norman Conquest

Ask pupils to look at life, castles and the Norman Conquest with these fun activities.

Battle of Hastings source work

Help your class explore the Battle of Hastings through a range of source material.

Claims to the Throne in 1066

This lesson, with full resources included, involves pupils working in groups to produce an election campaign for one of the claimants to the throne in 1066. Pupil-centered learning at its very best.

Channel 4 Education online British history game: 1066

Engage your pupils in this fun re-enactment of the Norman conquest from Channel 4 Education and take them back to 1066.

How did William gain control?

Take a look at this powerpoint on the events of 1066 and see how William the Conqueror gained control.

Battle of Hastings essay examples for display

Why not engage students in the tricky task of structuring an essay with this interactive display? This can be used as an AFL tool as well for pupils to reflect on their own work.

Battle of Hastings Big Revision Quiz!

Pupils work in teams to complete different rounds of this fun revision quiz. Good for end of unit revision of 1066.