BBC Children in Need teaching resources

Children in need

Celebrate Children in Need (16 November) and encourage pupils to raise awareness of, and money for, children who aren’t as safe, happy or secure as they are. It’s a great time to reflect on the benefits of being charitable and the problems faced by young people in the UK.

Videos from BBC Children in Need

Speak out, listen up!

  • Young people share their views on the London riots. A great discussion starter.

Children in Need fundraising

If you’re stuck for inspiration for fundraising events, try these four videos for ideas. Why not play the videos in class and put it to the vote?

Hold a superhero day

Bake a cake

Soak a teacher

Hold a disco

BBC Children in Need official resources

Lord Sugar’s challenge

  • Pupils have to invent a creative business idea that could raise £400 for charity in this Apprentice-inspired activity.

Sing for Pudsey

  • Write a song, put on a show and raise awareness of Children in Need.

Join-the-dots dress up day

  • Help pupils plan what to wear on a mufti day with this colourful join-the-dots activity.

Pudsey makeover

  • Pupils can decide what Pudsey will wear for this year’s Children in Need with this colouring activity.

Children in Need: Get baking!

  • Recipes to fuel your very own Children in Need cake stall.

Pudsey bingo

  • Who’ll be the first to get a full house? Find out with this fun bingo game. A great way to get pupils excited about Children in Need.

Dress up as Pudsey…

  • …or his female friend Blush, with these convincing masks. Cut them out, tie some string and they’re ready to wear.

Totaliser poster

  • Celebrate how much money students raise with this spotty poster.

Nationwide Education resources

Nationwide has partnered with Children in Need to produce these resources to help your fundraisers be money-wise.

Pudsey panel

  • Introduce a little competition to fundraising projects by getting judges to comment on pupils’ ideas.

Use my talents

  • Help pupils discover the things they excel at by using this analysis grid to help them put their skills to fundraising.

Be a journalist for the day

  • Get pupils to interview each other about their fundraising plans; try this template of questions to get them started.

How could people help?

  • Explore how businesses, sports centres and other organisations in your community could raise money with this mind-mapping activity.

Fundraising for Children in Need

Download the official fundraising packs to get started:

Early Years



Or print these sponsorship forms and encourage pupils to use their creativity to find innovative ways to fundraise.

Early Years



More resources from TES users

Pudsey coordinates

  • Try this task for some Children in Need-themed maths.

Dancing Pudsey

  • Pupils can make Pudsey shake and move with this split pin art activity.

Who is Pudsey?

  • Help pupils imagine what Pudsey is really like with this character profile worksheet.

Full of fundraising ideas

  • Pupils can discuss their top ideas for raising cash with this brainstorm template.

Pudsey party

  • What music should he play? What food should he offer? Pudsey’s going to need pupils help to plan his Children in Need party.

Positional language with Pudsey

  • Help pupils point out where Pudsey is, try this PowerPoint which helps them practise positional language.