Becket collection

This collection explores the relative power of the medieval church and monarchy. It focuses on the relationship between King Henry II and his Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.

Medieval Realms Timeline

  • Timeline overview of the medieval period. Useful for display as it stands, and could be used in conjunction with the (partial) game board available here to generate an overview game of medieval England.

Medieval Bishop’s Palace

  • English Heritage’s exploration of the Medieval Bishop’s Palace at Lincoln. May help students to understand the political status of bishops.

Mystery Exercise in 3 Parts

  • Curiosity-sparking starter, using an image of the King being whipped to generate questions, followed by a group work activity which uses clues to generate a hypothesis for the whipping. Final outcome is a written explanation of the reasons for the penance. Writing frame is provided.

Henry II and Becket S.O.W

  • Scheme of work exploring the relationship between Becket and Henry II, in connection with the power of the medieval church and monarchy. Assessment activities included.

Henry II and Becket

  • Straightforward activities on a PowerPoint. Uses the ‘Medieval Minds’ textbook as the base text for learning about Henry and Becket, but incorporates additional sources. Well scaffolded to take students from descriptive to explanatory history.

The Devil’s Brood

  • Some interesting hand-drawn summaries of key historical events in the medieval period, with supporting notes. Includes summaries of Henry II and Becket’s relationship.

Who Had the Power in the Middles Ages?

  • Interesting plenary exercise for work done on Henry II and Becket – designing a poster to advertise the film. It would be ideal to broaden the exercise to explore how movies generate specific interpretations, thereby helping students to understand the limitations of film as an historical source.

Becket Chronology

  • Quick plenary activity, to consolidate knowledge. Students have to chronologically sequence the key events in the story of Becket and Henry.

Becket Literacy Linking Exercise

  • Plenary activity with literacy focus. Students add connectives to the story of Becket and Henry in order to create an answer to the question “Why did Henry agree to be whipped?”.

SEN - Thomas Becket Help Sheet

  • Very clearly written summary of the story of Henry and Becket, using simple language. The ‘when, what, who, where, why’ key points are reaffirmed at the end for extra clarity.

Thomas Becket

  • A fun murder mystery exercise which asks pupils to think about who was responsible for the murder of Becket.


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