Behaviour management resources

Every teacher needs to manage behaviour effectively to ensure the best learning environment for all pupils. However this does not mean that every teacher has to re-invent the wheel. Here are some of the best free resources from TES on behaviour and classroom management strategies.


Class contract

  • Agree the classroom rules and set the boundaries with this class contract, to be signed by every pupil.

Achievement note

  • Intended for Primary and Early Years, this achievement note is a great way to send praise home.

Star chart

  • Monitor positive progress with this weekly star chart for good behaviour.

Report card

  • Personalise this report card template to suit your lesson times and comment style.

Behaviour ladder

  • A clear visual progression ladder for pupils to understand the consequences of their behaviour.

PowerPoint timer

  • Help pupils manage their time effectively with this adaptable timer.

Marbles timer

  • A fun take on a countdown timer, this marbles PowerPoint is sure to motivate your pupils to respond.

Primary behaviour strategies: ADHD

  • This insightful video and accompanying resources show practical strategies to deal with ADHD as well as whole class management.


Top ten behaviour tips

  • A list of ten simple tips from TES adviser Tom Bennett to help you manage behaviour in the classroom.

Seating plans: Advice and template

  • This resource gives guidance on how to prepare and manage your seating plan.

Using body language in the classroom

  • A thoughtful resource encouraging teachers to use their body language as a behaviour management tool.

Reflective detention sheet

  • A reflection tool to encourage pupils to accept responsibility for behaviour that also serves as a helpful record for teachers in case of repeat incidents.

Teachers TV: Changing challenging behaviour

  • This video shows a national course that provides practical strategies for dealing with poor behaviour.

Behaviour support: TAs

  • A Teachers TV video that highlights the benefits of a consistent teacher-TA approach to behaviour.

Behavioural de-escalation

  • Useful for Inset or training, this resource outlines strategies for dealing with aggressive behaviour.

Behaviour and classroom management resources

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