Big Schools' Bird Watch

Take part in the world’s biggest bird watch and get closer to the wildlife you see every day with our handy selection of free teaching resources, shared by teachers, for teachers. Big Schools’ Bird Watch take place from 21 February through to 1 March 2013.

Official Big Schools’ Bird Watch

  • Information about taking part in the event and downloadable resources from the RSPB.

Birds PowerPoint

  • A great PowerPoint resource with photos and information about habitats and feeding habits.

Bird posters

  • Download and print off these beautiful images for a stunning classroom display.

Bird spotter sheets

  • A very helpful checklist and images of common British birds.

British garden birds

  • Find out how to identify British birds by photograph, description and call.

Masked birds

  • Compare and contrast three species of birds with these lesson activities and ideas.

Animals and birds index cards

  • A TESiboard activity to support reading that gives information about British animals and birds.

Bird feeder

  • Help your pupils make a bird feeder from recycled materials.

Bird beaks

  • Investigate how different types of beaks are useful to different birds.

Bird identification

  • A set of pictures to help your class identify common types of birds.

The Red Kite Runner

  • A short film about a project to re-establish a breeding population of beautiful red kites.

Ospreys Loch Garten

  • Find out about the magnificent ospreys that return each year to Loch Garten.

Bird cake recipe

  • Attract birds to your playground with this tasty treat.

Dancing the colours of birds

  • Explore colours and rhythm, inspired by images on a bird rug, using this lesson plan full of positive energy.

Bird bingo

  • Can your class spot birds doing all of these actions?

Bird dial

  • Match the images and bird names and move the arrow to the birds you can see.

Bird feed instructions

  • A set of visual instructions for making a bird feeder – perfect for guided reading activities.