Black History Month

Inventions have been created, societies have been changed - black individuals and communities through history have achieved numerous successes. Celebrate this during Black History Month with our hand-picked, free resources.

Black heroes

  • A nice ICT task for both primary and secondary where students research famous black icons from history.

Black history of America worksheet

  • A lovely clear timeline that charts black history in America.

Black history activity ideas

  • Bingo to trivia, guess who to hand art, try some of these activities to celebrate black history and culture.

Black history assembly

  • PowerPoint with great visuals showing some of the major events from British black history.

Black history month

  • A great PowerPoint and selection of activities that focus on the historical journeys to Britian.

Black history

  • A series of SEN PowerPoints and activities focusing on slavery and black heroes from the past.

Immigration & racism

  • A brilliant and thought-provoking collection of primary sources that can be used to show why it is important to embrace diversity.

Black history visuals

  • A series of photographs that would make a fab Black History Month classroom display.

An approach to black history

  • An excellent selection of differentiated resources that will help you develop some engaging lessons for Black History Month.

African clothes and fabrics

  • A presentation with loads of African clothes that can be used to help teach about black history.

Face to face

  • Celebrate black authors and personalities with these simple photo matching cards.

A time to reflect

  • What do we mean by black history? Why should we celebrate? Explore these questions and more in an assembly from TrueTube.

Mansa Musa

  • Mali’s Emperor, 1312-1337, teaches students about his pilgrimage to Mecca in this faux-interview from Franklin Watts.

Montgomery to Memphis

  • Debate and discuss whether it’s fair to consider Dr Martin Luther King Jr. central to the civil rights movement.

Black celebrities

  • A crossword to test how many famous Black personalities students know.

Famous faces

  • Decorate your classroom with these profiles of famous Black people.

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