Bullying teaching resources

Bullying can take many forms and statistics predict that more than two-thirds of children are affected by it currently. This new collection for secondary teachers and professionals who work with children and young people addresses many different forms of bullying and discrimination. Try these free Teachers TV videos, lesson plans and teaching resources to encourage young people to put a stop to bullying.


Videos from Teachers TV

Tackling bullying

  • Children suggest approaches to stop bullying. Despite every school having an anti-bullying policy, it is still a big problem. This programme looks at new research into bullying that asked children how they think the problem could be tackled better.

Bullying: How do they do it in Norway?

  • Why Norway’s pioneering anti-bullying approach is so successful.

What is sexual bullying?

  • Teenagers talk about sexual bullying in schools. An informative introduction to the issue of sexual bullying, this video is designed to get KS3/4 PSHE students thinking about what sexual bullying is, and how it can make others feel.

Homophobia and bullying

  • A teenager shares his experience of homophobic bullying.

Appearance and bullying

  • How differences in appearance can trigger bullying episodes.

Disability and bullying

  • How a 15-year old boy was bullied due to his disability and race.

Difference and bullying

  • How extreme bullying lead to one boy’s self-harming.

Violence and bullying

  • An insight into the effects of extreme bullying on one teenager.

Girls bullying

  • Experts explore the problem of girls bullying other girls and give tips on how to identify the symptoms as well as tackling the causes.

Beatbullying resources

Secret supporter

  • This mission, should students should choose to accept it, encourages the writing of an anonymous letter full of positive praise to a friend, family member or peer.

Anti-bullying blog

  • Encourage students to make a stand against bullying online with this task to set up a blog.

I’m sorry

  • Help students learn from the past by writing an apology letter to someone they’ve been mean to.

Bullies on film

  • This screening guide and these activities from FILMCLUB UK will spark debate about bullying in class.

Get political

  • Get pupils to write a letter to their local MP and do their bit in the campaign to make bullying unacceptable.

Speak out

  • Ask pupils to reflect on bullying scenarios in school, in the community and online with these lesson plans packed with advice and safety tips.

Further resources on bullying

Bullying: problem page workout

  • A problem page-style worksheet with some scenarios for students to write their own advice and practice being an Agony Aunt.

Sexual orientation and homophobia

  • Lots of different stories and activities covering sexual orientation, bullying and homophobia.

Faith-based bullying

  • A lesson plan from Beatbullying which addresses the rights of young people with a special focus on religious beliefs.

Help! I’m being bullied

  • Powerpoint and self-motto resource to raise pupil self-esteem.


  • A lesson plan from Beatbullying that helps students to understand cyberbullying and its consequences.

Racism and segregation

  • This video and PowerPoint slide introduces a class experiment in segregation by dividing students according to eye colour so that they can experience discrimination at first-hand.

Developing empathy

  • This lesson plan from the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Equal Rights, Equal Respect teacher-training resource helps students to develop empathy and to consider the impact of their actions on other people’s feelings.

Bullying: a guide for young people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  • The information sheet explains what bullying is, what you can do if you are being bullied and how to get support.

Prejudice and stereotypes

  • A fun thinking skills activity from the Equality and Human Rights Commission that explores prejudice and stereotypes.

Anti Bullying chat cards

  • Flashcards with statements related to experiences of bullying – excellent starter ideas when beginning a discussion about bullying.


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