Business Manager - Executive Role

Business Manager - Executive Role 

Ruyton Girls School


Ruyton Girls’ School is a leading independent school with classes from Kindergarten to Year 12. It has a long tradition of academic success and co-curricular achievement. Ruyton continues to develop innovative programmes to expand the learning experience for girls and is committed to utilising technology in the learning environment. Applicants with appropriate qualifications and experience are invited to apply for the executive role of Business Manager, commencing February, 2014:



The Business Manager is directly responsible to the Principal and is responsible for the financial management, non-academic administration and property of the school. The Business Manager’s responsibilities include:



Preparing financial plans, budgets and forecasts, both capital and recurrent monitoring and reviewing approved budgets and plans with reports to Principal/Board/Committees as appropriate at regular intervals monitoring and reporting on Government Funding of the School with a view to maintaining/improving levels of Funding recommending appropriate courses of action to Principal, Board and relevant Committees to correct actual or likely deviations from approved budget plans estimating cash flows and the investment of surplus funds in approved securities preparing feasibility studies regarding the financial aspects of suggested changes in school operations formulating recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the level of School fees and charges collecting and taking appropriate action on outstanding fees managing the purchasing function relating to both operating and capital expenditure keeping all records of future enrolments.



  • as a member of the School’s Executive Committee contribute to the development of policy and strategic direction of the School.



  • supervising of accounts, Aquatic Centre and IT administrative staff, maintenance and grounds staff ensuring conformity with all awards and agreements applicable to both academic and non-academic staff and confidentiality.
  • reviewing and recommending on establishment numbers and remuneration for administrative and maintenance staff recruiting accounts, Aquatic Centre and IT administrative staff and maintenance staff as necessary to maintain the approved establishment staffing
  • maintaining statutory personnel records for all staff
  • represent the School Management when negotiating individual and collective agreements with staff
  • management of any ‘Workcover’ claims.



  • ensuring that adequate maintenance is carried out on all School buildings, property and grounds to maintain effective use of facilities
  • ensuring the safe custody of School property, including the insurance of property, and maintenance of the School’s asset register
  • implementing budgeted minor and major capital building projects in conjunction with appointed consultants
  • establishing specifications for the cleaning of all buildings and ensuring that all buildings are regularly and adequately cleaned
  • ensuring all buildings and facilities are secured when not in use
  • establishing safety procedures and programmes to ensure that all staff are safety conscious and risks to staff, students and visitors are minimised.



  • acting as Treasurer/Secretary/Public Officer to the incorporated bodies ancillary to the School
  • maintaining liaison with School Associations and related bodies and assisting with administrative and financial advice.



  • ensuring that adequate office/administration services are available to the School staff, to the Ancillary Bodies and the Board
  • ensuring that all School administrative records are properly and securely maintained
  • liaising with academic department heads on financial administration of their department
  • preparing agenda papers and reports for Board and Committee meetings
  • acting as Secretary to the Board and its appointed Committees
  • maintaining communications with local, state and federal authorities as appropriate and keep informed on relevant legislation and practices.



  • preparing Annual Statutory Financial Accounts and reports
  • ensuring the School adheres to statutory regulations in relation to Corporations Law, taxation, government funding, safety, town planning and building
  • acting as public officer to the Company
  • acting as Secretary to the Company
  • liaising with the School’s Superannuation Fund Managers as appropriate.



  • reviewing, developing and enhancing financial and administration systems throughout the whole school
  • ensuring that all administrative systems are soundly based to prevent fraud and loss.
  • Work in conjunction with external auditors to monitor internal controls.



  • co-ordinating the use of School facilities for educational needs
  • maximising the use of facilities by external hire and creation of activities complimentary to educational use at a financial benefit to the School.



  • other duties as directed by the Principal.



  • Goal and policy formulation (School Executive)
  • ‘DISPLAN’ (Director of Learning)
  • academic Budget (Director of Studies)
  • ICT Committee (School Executive)





How to apply


Applications, including the names of two referees, to be emailed to

Enquiries should be directed to Mr Peter Sharples, Business Manager on


School Details

Ruyton Girls’ School 
12 Selbourne Road
KEW, VIC (Australia)

Phone: 03 9819 2422


Close Date: 26th August, 2013


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