Canteen Worker/Cleaner

Canteen Worker/Cleaner


St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre in Alice Springs


A primary responsibility for this role is to maintain fidelity to Operation by Principle and the best practice guidelines as articulated in the Youth+ Foundation and FLC Occasional Papers (available on the website).


Duties and Responsibilities:


Canteen Work:


To carry out the following tasks in order to prepare and provide food for the young people:


  • Maintain and keep the kitchen premises clean in accordance with OHS standards
  • Buy supplies for breakfast, lunch and excursions
  • Keeping accurate records of spending
  • Providing lunch meals to the school community in accordance with healthy eating guidelines.
  • Building positive relationships with the young people
  • Assisting young people with food preparation in collaboration with other staff members
  • Other duties as required by the Head of Campus




  • Performing a range of cleaning tasks:
  • General cleaning in classrooms, toilets or other public areas of the school’s buildings, structures and premises.
  • Other duties as required by the Head of Campus


St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre

Alice Springs


Closing Date: 6 November 2013


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