AS Chemistry: Atomic Structure

This collection is built around the main structure of the AQA Chemistry Specifications for AS Unit 1 Atomic Structure, but the resources used will certainly be of great use and benefit for teachers who follow other specifications too. You will find some great resources, lesson ideas and revision games and activities to help you teach and revise Atomic Structure with Post-16 students.

This collection was put together by ourby our Science Advisor, Alessio Bernadelli. You can follow him on. Twitter @TESScience and/or contact via email

Fundamental Particles

Models of the Atom

  • A really engaging activity where learners are encouraged to build their own models of the Atom and justify why their model is accurate

Atomic Interactions – Interactive Simulation

  • A great interactive simulation of forces between different atoms. It also lets you create your own interactions

Motion along a straight line

AS Chemistry Atomic Structure Worksheet

  • A good 30 marks worksheet to reinforce many aspects of Atomic Structure

Mass Spectrometry

  • A useful worksheet with many real Mass Spectrometer graphs and a link to a great online quiz to reinforce understanding

Atomic Structure Quiz

  • Great quiz on the whole topic Atomic Structure. Also very easy to edit for any topic

Mass Spectroscopy

  • A useful PowerPoint presentation on how Mass Spectrometers work

Spectroscopy card game

  • Nice card matching game on Spectroscopy

Electron Arrangement

Ionization Energies

  • Very useful set of notes and questions on Ionization Energy for your students

Ionization Energy

  • Useful set of graphs and questions on Ionization Energy, Elements and Groups

Ionization Energy Homework Sheet

  • Useful homework sheet with answers

Energy Levels of Orbitals

  • A simple, but very visual and really useful diagram to understand the distribution of energy levels of orbitals

Atomic Structure

  • Really detailed PowerPoint to cover all aspects of Atomic Structure for AS Chemistry, including exam style questions

Electronic Configurations

  • Useful set of questions on Electronic Configurations. Ideal for revision and/or as a plenary

Atomic Structure Test

  • Useful ready made test on Atomic Structure


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