Child Safety Week

Child Safety Week (24-30 June) raises awareness of accidents that seriously injure or kill children every year and the steps that we can take to help prevent them. These free resources from TES provide opportunities to teach children and their families about creating safer environments and how to avoid potential dangers.


Safety outdoors: Roads and water

  • This BBC Class Clips video helps children to assess risks and understand how to stay safe when crossing roads or playing near water.

Safety in our local area

  • An adaptable resource which details planning for a geography unit about making your local area safer.

Road safety

  • A visual stimulus to discuss road safety symbols with your class.

Green Cross Code

  • A simple sequencing activity to help pupils practise the Green Cross Code.

Firework safety

  • Introduce the firework code and bonfire safety with this presentation and poster activity.

Swimming safety

  • An end of unit personal survival assessment for swimming and water safety.


Toy safety: Choke risk

  • This product design lesson gives information about health and safety regulations and how to test toys against risk of choking.

Kitchen: Health and safety

  • A GCSE catering resource to help pupils revise risks and hazards in the kitchen.

Road safety

  • Suitable for pupils aged 11+, this road safety resource helps pupils to investigate the causes and consequences of a road accident.

Safety and protecting yourself

  • Give your pupils the tools to identify everyday hazards, to measure potential risks and to understand how to protect themselves from danger.

The recovery position

  • Show your pupils the importance of first aid and the recovery position with these resources and videos from the Red Cross.

Road safety assemblies

  • With plans for all age groups, this resource from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has detailed assembly ideas for road safety awareness.

Railway safety assembly

  • A presentation and notes to raise awareness of railway safety in your secondary assemblies.

Child Safety Week

  • A selection of resources to support the 2013 theme of “Be a Safety Hero” from the Child Accident Prevention Trust.