Christian Aid Week teaching resources



Christian Aid Week (12-18 May) puts the spotlight on the 870 million people around the world who are in desperate need of food. The ‘Bite Back Hunger’ campaign aims to raise awareness of how hunger affects people, who produces the world’s food and who controls it. Explore this issue in your school with this selection of free lesson ideas, assembly packs and activities.

Chocolate trade game

  • Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar and prompt a discussion on Fairtrade with this chocolate trade game.

Hunger in a world of plenty

  • Help children learn about and understand issues relating to food and hunger and to reflect on what it means to go hungry.

Travel and transport

  • Using the popular theme of travel and transport, these lesson activities are designed to help children in the UK understand more about what life is like for children around the world.

Citizenship and rights

  • What is citizenship? What are human rights? Why are they important? Help pupils compare their lives with those of children in five different countries with this lesson plan.

Farming for the future resource pack

  • Take a look at the farming with these classroom activities. These children are learning to protect their environment through farming and gardening.

Fairtrade assembly pack

  • This assembly explains some of the issues that affect farmers and producers around the world, and helps your pupils identify the role that they can play as responsible consumers.

Tools and teamwork

  • Help pupils reflect on how to put a social project into action as they see how one rural community in Sierra Leone is overcoming serious challenges with Christian Aid.

From soldier to salvation

  • Follow Tamba and Sasko as they leave their harrowing lives as child soldiers on a journey to find their own identities in the world.

Without food

  • A series of cross-curricular ideas showing students the serious issues of starvation, from national conflict to illnesses for individuals.

Poverty and food security

  • Encourage students to discuss and debate how hunger could be reduced in African countries like Sierra Leone and help them to become the ambassadors of tomorrow with this resource from TES partner Hamilton Trust.


  • This lesson plan allows pupils to consider the challenges and prejudices facing refugees using real-life stories and cross-curricular activities.

Child power

  • Ask your pupils what they can do to improve their own lives and futures and how they might help others children to improve theirs.

Mobile phones: good or bad?

  • This lesson looks at the good, the bad and the ugly of mobile phones and how they are both saving and destroying lives in Colombia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Caring for the environment

  • Find out how everyone can look after our planet, even in the smallest of ways, and invite your class to take up this challenge with these lesson activities.

Natural disasters

  • These classroom activities on flooding will help children understand how natural disasters can wipe out years of development and growth and use up vital resources.