Christmas early years

Here you’ll find a range of teaching resources to add a dash of good will to your nursery or early years classroom. Whether it’s advent calendars, Christmas cards or a simple nativity script for a seasonal show, there will be something to bring you festive cheer!

Information and display

Christmas role play for early years

  • These are some great ideas for Christmas role play.

Christmas today

  • A PowerPoint that explores how we celebrate Christmas today, with seasonal animations on each slide.

Advent calendar

  • An advent calendar with animated images and information about Christmas customs around the world.

How does Santa get in?

  • Kermit and Grover ask children to explain how Santa fits down the chimney.

Christmas pictures

  • Some beautiful images for a seasonal display.

Christmas counting cards

  • These A5 cards feature Christmas items for number line displays.

Nativity story

  • Four interactive scenes to help pupils discuss and retell the story of Christmas. From TESiboard.

Songs and plays

Simple nativity play

  • A simple nativity script, which includes the lyrics to familiar Christmas songs.

Chilly days ahead

  • These easy winter or Christmas-themed songs can be sung to familiar tunes.


  • An original Christmas song with separate audio track and lyrics.

It’s Christmas time!

  • A Christmas action song which can be downloaded for free.

A magical

  • A Christmas themed dance activity.

Christmas concert

  • This simple performance, which introduces Santa and Christmas customs, is particularly useful for EAL pupils.

Five Christmas puddings

  • A festive counting song with animation.

Little reindeer

  • Christmas reindeer fly on to the screen to help children in counting to ten.


Christmas card designer

  • Produce your own Christmas cards, with this design tool from TESiboard.

Christmas present sorting

  • Sort the presents by shape, colour or size as they come off the conveyor belt. From TESiboard.

Christmas bingo

  • A winter bingo game which focuses on the numbers one to ten.

Christmas traditions lotto

  • These lotto game boards use images of traditional Christmas items.

Wrapping paper maker

  • A shape and space activity for designing wrapping paper using repeating image patterns. From TESiboard.

Christmas tree maker

  • Pupils work with a set of shapes to make a Christmas tree. From TESiboard.

Dress Santa

  • A simple control activity where pupils dress Santa and his elf. From TESiboard.

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