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A collection of some of the best Christmas resources.


Christmas lesson plans and activities

Christmas paper chain (DOC)

  • Poetry paper chain template.

Christmas around the world (PPT)

  • How Christmas is celebrated in various countries around the world.

Christmas improper fractions activity(DOC)

  • Activities to show improper fractions as cakes and to order them.

Christmas taboo game (PPT)

  • Christmas-themed version of the game. To support speaking and listening.

Maths game: Santa and the Great Toy Roundup(SWF)

  • Differentiated interactive game with a Christmas theme to learn basic addition or times tables.

Reindeers - Non-fiction writing (PPT, DOC)

  • Information slideshow and related activities on reindeers, for KS1 pupils to take notes and write factual sentences

A Mystery Present (DOC)

  • An unfinished Christmas story for KS2 pupils to continue writing, together with suggested comprehension questions.

Christmas Story (URL)

  • Interactive books, with sound support, as well as games and puzzles, centred around the story of the nativity.

Poetry Christmas Letters (Y1) (DOC/PDF)

  • A lesson to write Christmas Word Stairs and a letter poem to Father Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas (SWF/PPT)

  • Animated powerpoint of the Christmas song, with ideas for maths investigations around it.

Christmas Around the World (PPT)

  • Some key facts and pictures about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.

Christmas Maths Worksheet (DOC)

  • A maths worksheet of problems to solve with a Christmas theme.

Christmas addition game(PDF)

  • A simple addition game with a festive theme including boards for up to 4 players and picture cards for totals.

Christmas Label or Thank You Letter (URL)

  • A writing frame for pupils to make their own Christmas present label or thank you letter, by adding images and text.

Christmas Symmetry (URL)

  • Pupils finish decorating the Christmas tree by mirroring the baubles on the opposite side.

Decoration Buyer (URL)

  • Decorate the tree by buying variously-priced decorations within the budget, using multiplication skills.

Present Stacking (URL)

  • Manipulate the present shapes to make them fit together efficiently on the shelf. An excellent introduction to rotation.

Sigma Christmas Science Booklet (KS1) (PDF)

  • Christmas Science-based investigations and activities.

Christmas Poem (PPT)

  • A poem examining our approach towards Christmas and sparing a thought for those less fortunate.

Christmas fun and games

Advent Calendar (PPT)

  • Click on a door a day to reveal a Christmas animation

Winter and Christmas Songs (DOC)

  • Seasonal lyrics set to familiar tunes, with illustrations.

Christmas Jukebox (URL)

  • A variety of European Christmas songs to listen and sing along to, with lyrics.

Big Star Maker (URL)

  • A simple activity to create a star, useful for adding to a display. Pupils can choose colour, number of points and opacity

Healthy Christmas Recipes (PDF)

  • Illustrated recipes for mince pie parcels, snowman meringues and winter punch.

Santa’s Sleigh (URL)

  • Decide on the appearance of Santa’s sleigh before he heads off to deliver his presents.

Sweet recipes (DOC)

  • A useful selection of sweet recipes; perfect for group work in the lead up to Christmas.

Smartboard Christmas animations (XBK)

  • Eye-catching Christmas visuals to play on Smartboards.

Early years

Christmas lesson plans and activities

Christmas role play for Early Years (DOC)

  • Some great ideas for Christmas role play.

Keyword advent calendar (PPT)

  • Each school day has a number and a keyword associated with it, which pupils can view as you count down.

Santa’s Christmas Catastrophe worksheet(PDF)

  • Sort the toys into 3 groups: for baby, child or toddler.

Christmas Today - How we celebrate this festival (PPT)

  • How we celebrate Christmas today, with seasonal animations on each slide.

Advent Calendar (PPT)

  • Advent calendar with animated images and information about Christmas customs around the world.

Christmas Bingo (DOC)

  • A winter bingo game with boards for printing and laminating, focusing on numbers 1 - 10.

Elves’ Workshop Role play (DOC)

  • Ideas and resources for the role play area, including banner, signs, labels and writing frames for letters.

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Reindeer (PPT)

  • Christmas reindeer fly onto the screen to engage children in counting to 10.

Christmas Present Sorting (URL)

  • Sort the presents by size, shape or colour as they come off the elves’ conveyor belt.

Stacking the Sleigh (URL)

  • Help Santa stack the presents into size order before delivering them down the correct chimneys.

Christmas Counting Cards (PDF)

  • A5 cards with Christmas items 0 - 10 for numberline displays.

Christmas fun and games

Chilly days ahead - songs (DOCs)

  • Easy winter or Christmas songs to sing to familiar tunes.

Magic Reindeer or Christmas Dust (PDF,URL)

  • A magical end-of term activity, with the recipe and labels for the bags of dust.

Christmas Traditions Lotto (DOC)

  • Lotto game boards using images of traditional Christmas items.

Christmas Tree Maker (URL)

  • Use the range of tools to manipulate shapes to make a Christmas tree.

Wrapping Paper Maker (URL)

  • An activity for pupils to create repeating patterns to design their own wrapping paper.

Dress Santa (URL)

  • A simple control activity for pupils to help dress Santa and his elf.

Special needs

Christmas Fun and Nativity Sign Language Cards(PDF)

  • Sign image, caption and supporting picture for Christmas vocabulary.

Ten Days of Christmas (PPT,PDF)

  • Christmas counting 1-10, using the senses. Particularly suitable for SEN pupils.

Christmas Tree (PPT)

  • Aimed at SEN pupils, the tree’s baubles change colour each time the pupil presses a ‘Mack button’.


Christmas lesson plans and activities

The Meaning of Christmas (DOC)

  • A lesson exploring the Christian meaning behind the traditions and customs of the modern celebration.

Michael Rosen on Panto (VID)

  • Michael Rosen gives an introduction to the great Christmas tradition of pantomime.

Pantomimes - Drama Resources (PDF)

  • Drama scheme of work for year 7 pupils covering the topic of pantomime.

Michael Rosen on Charles Dickens (VID)

  • Michael Rosen visits the home of Charles Dickens to explore his Christmas legacy.

A Christmas Carol - Scheme of Work PPTs(PPT)

  • Students work towards an essay assessment analysing how Scrooge changes after meeting each ghost.

A Christmas Carol(PPT)

  • Explore the context of the setting and culture within the novel.

A Christmas Carol - Comprehension and Writing Tasks (DOC)

  • A selection of tasks for further analysis and exploration of the text.

‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ - Scheme of Work and Resources (DOC, PDF)

  • Poetry-based resources to look at the meanings of literary heritage and review word class definitions.

Christmas fun and games

Christmas Murder Mystery (DOC)

  • Santa has been killed! What will happen to Christmas?

Whole school

Complete Carol Service (PPT)

  • A ready-made service with carol lyrics and readings on festive backgrounds

Nativity Play Script (DOC)

  • A complete script, most suitable for KS1, that uses rhyming couplets to tell the nativity tale.

Nativity Story (URL)

  • Four background scenes for pupils to re-tell the Christmas Story, with a bank of characters and an optional text area.

Assembly - Journey of a Christmas Card (PPT)

  • Slideshow with music and sound effects showing the different stages of a card’s journey from child to grandparent.

Animated Star Backgrounds (PPT)

  • Backgrounds of twinkling stars, ideal as backdrops for festive activities and performances.

Christmas assembly (DOC)

  • An assembly that encourages students to consider the less fortunate at Christmas.

A Christmas Carol - Adapted Script (DOC)

  • Play script suitable for pupils of all ages for a whole school version of the famous story.

Teachers TV

Raymond Briggs (VIDEO)

  • A rare and exclusive interview with Raymond Briggs, the creator of ‘The Snowman’ and ‘Father Christmas’.


  • Michael Rosen reports on the enduring appeal of the pantomime story.

Poetry in Motion (VIDEO)

  • How to get into the Christmas spirit in the classroom with Michael Rosen.


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