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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

This collection page contains all the GCSE resources from the Mathematics Enhancement Program (MEP) produced by CIMT. The resources are leveled, broken down into topic areas, and each topic area contains the following resources:

  • Pupil Practice Book
  • Activities
  • Lesson Plans
  • Mental Tests
  • Overhead slides
  • Revision Tests
  • Teaching Notes
  • Leveled Extra Exercises

Please Note: The MEP GCSE course is divided up into four ability levels: Standard, Academic, Express and Special.

Broadly speaking, Standard is equivalent to Foundation level, Academic are students who would have been entered for the old Intermediate tier and now would be borderline Foundation/Higher, Express is equivalent to Higher, and Special are Gifted and Talented mathematicians.

For a comprehensive breakdown of which particular parts of each unit need to be covered for each of these ability levels, please see the individual Teaching Notes files which have been uploaded with each unit.

1. Indices

2. Formulae

3. Angle Geometry

4. Trigonometry

5. Probability

6. Number System

7. Mensuration

8. Data Handling

9. Data Analysis

10. Equations

11. Fractions and Percentages

12. Number Patterns

13. Graphs

14. Loci and Transformations

15. Variation

16. Inequalities

17. Using Graphs

18. 3D Geometry

19. Vectors

20. GCSE Statistics

GCSE Exam Papers

GCSE Miscellaneous Exercises

GCSE Unit Tests

GCSE Facts to Remember

GCSE Statistics Exam Papers


TES Secondary maths teaching resources