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Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

This collection page contains all the GCSE Entry resources from the Mathematics Enhancement Program (MEP) produced by CIMT.

This material was developed as part of the MEP Demonstration Project to support the Welsh Exam Board’s Certificate of Educational Achievement in Mathematics. This certificate is now known as the Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics. The Certificate course is for candidates in Y10 and Y11 who are unlikely to achieve a grade in GCSE Mathematics.

The bundle of resources for this Module is made up of the following:

Scheme of Work - this is a detailed scheme showing which topics should be covered and in what order.

Practice Book - these books provide plenty of exercises and worked examples based on the content of the Units in the Scheme of Work.

Case Studies - these are substantial sections of work which cover much of the content of the modules, but are optional. They have been designed for students to gain both motivation and confidence and can be used in conjunction with the more routine practice found in the Practice Books.

Overhead Slides - these copy masters can be used as OH slides or as worksheets copied for individual use, with teacher guidance.

Mental Tests - these tests are designed to support all the major topics covered where mental competence and agility are helpful.

Intermediate and Aural Tests - sample Intermediate and Aural Tests for each module, based directly on the question framework used in the WJEC tests. They come complete with mark schemes.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Entry Level Final Test


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