Classroom resources: Posters, displays and stickers

Foundation classroom resources

Classroom jobs washing line

  • Add classroom helpers to the washing line with this fun displa

Birthday board display

  • Add everyone’s birthdays and keep track of the special days throughout the year

Visual timetable for display

  • Keep pupils engaged in the class schedule with this visually stimulating display

SEAL theme banners

  • Banners for classroom display covering the concepts of SEAL teaching

Self assessment poster

  • Help pupils evaluate their own learning with simple smiley face images

Stickers for supply teachers

  • Stickers to help with communication, language and literacy


Primary classroom resources

Poster and label pack

  • A range of colourful things from birthday charts to praise cards to certificates

New year, new class, getting to know you

  • Large, display-sized puzzle pieces for a simple effective display

Passport to the new year

  • Lots of ‘all about me’ information for new children entering your class

Time saver stickers

  • A collection of printable stickers to help save lots of time!

VCOP superhero stickers

  • Fun and engaging superheroes to brighten up workbooks

Reward stickers

  • Encourage and motivate pupils with these colourful reward stickers

Power opener poster

  • A simple visual resource to display helpful VCOP sentence starters

Place value display

  • A simple chart to remind pupils of the principles of place value


Secondary classroom resources

Maths display posters

  • Display maths terms and images as a reminder for pupils throughout the year

Student level descriptors

  • ‘I can’ level descriptor cards to aid pupils self assessment and motivation


  • A collection of displays to teach pupils about the benefits of MFL

Drama quotes for display

  • A selection of quotes about drama to brighten up the classroom

Lab apparatus

  • Images of common items and apparatus which pupils may find in the science lab