Collections featured in TES magazine 02 September 2011

Secondary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 2nd September 2011

Geography – Environmental Issues

  • Green TV is the world’s leading online TV channel devoted to short programmes about environmental, climate change and sustainability issues. Green.TV partners include WWF, Oxfam, Kew, RSPB, the United Nations and Greenpeace.The videos raise important issues suitable for classroom discussion, debate and they also introduce potential themes for projects, fundraising and campaigns. Raising awareness about these issues is a crucial endeavour for the charities involved and provides an excellent opportunity to get pupils thinking about the world around them.

MFL – Teaching and Learning Ideas

  • This collection of resources is a bank of both collections of teaching and learning ideas for the classroom, as well as some very useful ‘how to’ guides for teachers. Enjoy!

Maths - Teachers TV videos – for use in the classroom

  • Teachers TV was a fantastic resource. It was jam-packed full of videos of excellent teaching practice across all subjects, age ranges and ability levels, stimulating and engaging in-class resources, examples of maths in the real world, studies of how children learn and the most effective ways to address this, behaviour management issues and strategies, and much, much more!The bad news is that in the midst of all the budget cuts, funding for Teachers TV was removed, and the website closed. The good news is that TES now hosts 3500 Teachers TV videos, so they are available to watch again, completely free.

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