Collections featured in TES magazine 05 August 2011

Secondary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 5th August 2011

Maths TSM Workshop 2011

  • This year marked the 10th anniversary of the TSM Workshop . Teachers and other professionals from the world of education travel the globe to attend. The event lasted for three days, from Tuesday 12th July until Thursday 14th July, 2011. Delegates had the opportunity to attend a whole range of practical, inspirational, hands-on workshops led by world renowned trainers. The hands-on workshops were on themes such as Autograph, Excel, Cabri and Tools for the Busy Teacher, and delegates were given plenty of time to try out ideas and develop their skills. Guest speakers this year included Adrian Oldknow and one half of the amazing Wolfram-Alpha team, Conrad Wolfram, and my Wednesday evening pub quiz was both rowdy and controversial (I still maintain that the majority of wheelbarrows have just one wheel).

ICT Web based research

  • TES ICT adviser Mark Clarkson has selected the best resources for teaching pupils about web-based research. These help you and your pupils get the most out of Google and provide information on how to gather data safely and understand search results.

Songs for language learning

  • Music and song can be an invaluable tool in language learning. Familiar tunes can be re-purposed to aid the memorisation of key structures and vocabulary; raps can be written and performed to develop creative writing skills, embed grammatical knowledge and improve pronunciation and speed of spoken target language production, and songs can be listened and responded to to develop comprehension skills and enhance cultural appreciation. This collection offers a wide selection of resources where songs are successfully exploited for all of these learning aims.

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