Collections featured in TES magazine 1 July 2011

Primary resources collections featured in the TES magazine:Friday 1st July 2011

Primary Maths - Measure - Capacity

  • In this collection we have fantastic activities and worksheets on capacity, all shared by teaching professionals. These help pupils firstly to acquire the language needed to describe volume, then to explore measuring liquid with non-standard units; and finally to accurately measure out liquids, read scales and record findings.

Early Years - role play/ KS1 Drama

  • Role play is a crucial part of children’s learning that touches most curriculum areas, giving children understanding of the world around them through acting out roles of adults that they see around them in everyday life. Using resources from this fabulous collection, children can practise mark-making by filling out forms at the doctors, number recognition by dialling for a take-away and by pricing goods in a shop, learn what jobs people do in a Post Office, book an appointment at the Vets and take details from a 999 call. You’ll also find some inspired, creative and detailed planning and fabulous flashcards, photos and topic words covering a variety of popular topics.

Primary languages - Games for French

  • Learning another language is fun! And in this collection, we have gathered together all sorts of games to engage pupils in practising basic phrases and themed vocabulary. Many are presented in adaptable formats for you to easily make them bespoke for your class.

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