Collections featured in TES magazine 12 August 2011

Primary resources collections featured in the TES magazine:Friday 12th August 2011

TESiboard Kings, Queens and Rulers

  • TESiboard have chosen 24 rulers from across the globe whose influence has been felt throughout the ages. Aimed at KS2, the resources present the information in a variety of formats, providing useful secondary sources for research and models for the pupils’ own writing.

Information Texts, a TESiboard Non-Fiction Collection

  • Drama can play a spontaneous part in lessons, be a focal element, or help pupils become more immersed in a topic. It can be done by groups or the whole class, and bridge across age ranges. We have gathered together a large collection of ideas and scripts for Primary Drama lessons, whether your pupils are acting as a Greek Chorus, playing the part of evacuees to explore WWII or being King of the Wild Things…

D&T - Rocking recipes

  • The best recipes for baking and making in school.

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