Collections featured in TES magazine 15 July 2011

Secondary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 15th July 2011

Secondary Design and technology - Sustainability

  • This collection of resources is based on key stage 3 Sustainability, which is an area of focus that appears omnipresent in media and press. As it is becoming ever more prevalent in the content of GCSE Design Technology exam boards, it is something that cannot be ignored. It is a topic which is extremely important but in some cases considered at a very basic and simple level. This topic can often be seen as an “add on” or a mandatory consideration. However, it is a topic that carries far more gravitas and is regarded as an essential part of any product’s success.

Secondary English - The Crucible

  • Unit 3, Part a - Extended reading The Crucible Controlled Assessment

Secondary PSHE - Top resource highlights

  • As we approach the end of the year it seems the ideal time to revisit some of the best resources that have made an appearance in the PSHE channel this year. These resources can be used all throughout the school year to discuss a range of interesting and engaging topics, raise pupil awareness and make them think about themselves and their classmates. Thank you to all the fantastic TES Contributors who have shared their excellent material and continue to do so.

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