Collections featured in TES magazine 19 August 2011

Primary resources collections featured in the TES magazine:Friday 19th August 2011

Languages – French vocabulary collection

  • These resources, contributed by teachers from the TES community, enable primary-age pupils to learn and practise key French vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

English – Teachers TV Lesson Starters – Persuasive writing

  • This collection of video lesson starters can be used to stimulate a variety of persuasive writing tasks with a KS2 class. There are full length videos as well as shorter clips, to help you save time.

Numeracy – Time, a TESiboard numeracy collection

  • There are two main areas in learning about time: duration of an event and intervals between events; and the recording of a particular time when something takes place, in either analogue or digital form. Telling the time is a particular challenge for children – the measurement units have not been converted to a metric system, so it can feel more alien. Numbers associated with time do not behave like ‘normal’ numbers: for working out time problems, common strategies of bridging through 10 or 100 are not usually appropriate and the intervals on the clock are 12 or 60, rather than the more familiar decimal landmarks.

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