Collections featured in TES magazine 22 July 2011

Secondary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 22nd July 2011

Maths Resource of the week 44

  • Bingo resources are very effective ways of quickly assessing students knowledge of a given topic, whether it be for purposes of revision, or to check the foundations are solid enough before moving onto a more advanced concept. And of course, students of all ages love the competition element. The problem I often have with Bingo resources though, is the amount of faffing involved. I don’t really have time to prepare and cut-out a set of Bingo cards for what will ultimately be a 10 minute starter or plenary. Thank goodness then for this amazing set of Bingo resources. Each one is a PowerPoint file where the opening slide contains a set of numbers. Student simply pick 9 of these numbers and use them to form a 3 by 3 grid which becomes their very own Bingo card. Sorted! The numbers are in fact answers to the questions that make up the rest of the PowerPoint, and each time a student gets a question correct, they can tick off a number.

National Strategies Secondary Maths Collection - 15 Problems to Develop Mathematical Processes and Applications

  • This is a set of 15 problems, originally created by NRICH, which link to a strand of mathematical processes and applications and to the sub-strands of content. Incorporating these problems into unit plans which are spread throughout Key Stage 3 would enhance most schemes of work and help to broaden the learning experience of many pupils. Developing a scheme of work in this way would be an excellent step towards implementing the new Key Stage 3 programme of study.

Teaching Mental maths

  • An introduction to a set of materials describing teaching approaches that can be used to develop mental mathematics abilities beyond level 5, covering number, algebra, geometry and statistics. Includes activities that target some aspects of mental mathematics which pupils continue to find difficult.

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