Collections featured in TES magazine 26 August 2011

Primary resources collections featured in the TES magazine:Friday 26th August 2011

English – TESiboard Explanation Texts

  • ‘Explanation Texts’ are similar to Information Texts but explain a process, often in a step-by-step, sequential manner. Examples include the lifecycle of a butterfly or how a seed grows. The non-fiction topics that we cover can easily support cross-curricular work, such as ‘The Lifecycle of a Butterfly’ in English and Science. TESiboard interactive non-fiction books each have two versions for differentiation: the Listen and Read books have simpler text and full sound support for younger or emerging readers; the Read Alone books have more detailed text. Pupils can use the books as a model for non-fiction writing or as a source of information for a science, geography or history topic.

Maths – Data Handling

  • Here are brilliant resources to help teach data handling in a meaningful way, split by key stage. Pupils can use tables and charts to collect information, as well as comparing various methods of displaying survey results. We’ve also included a selection of resources for pupils to practise interpreting data from charts and graphs.

PSHE – People who help us

  • People who help us topic - games, activities, displays, posters, worksheets and plans.

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