Collections featured in TES magazine 8 July 2011

Secondary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 8th July 2011

Secondary Languages - Grammar

  • Whilst there are many ways to teach grammar and many opinions about how best to teach it, the vast majority of languages teachers believe that students need a knowledge of structure if they are to make good progress and be able to say/write what they want to in the language they are learning. With that in mind, this collection of teacher resources focuses on grammar teaching and grammar practice. Often the most time-consuming of resources to create, I hope this collection will give teachers inspiration and save them time!

Secondary RE Resources – Highlights

  • As we fast approach the end of another academic year it makes sense to review some of the most popular, imaginative and well made resources that the RE section of TES Resources has to offer. With nearly 1500 resources to choose from everyone will find something to help spice up a scheme of work for next year, or prepare for the ‘one-off’ OFSTED lesson! Thank you to all the contributors who have shared their fantastic lesson ideas and inspiration with the teaching community.

Science Teachers TV & Secondary Science

  • TES Resources website now hosts Teachers TV videos and associated resources. Most videos are between 13 minutes and 30 minutes in length, and some are supported by power points for students and teachers, activities, lesson plans, and further information.You can search the resources by subject – Biology, Chemistry, Physics – most the resources focus in KS3 and KS4, but some are useful for Post-16 teaching too. Here is a selection on some of the best.

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