Collections featured in TES magazine Friday 1 July 2011

Secondary resources collections featured in the TES magazine: Friday 1st July 2011

Secondary Maths - Bingo

  • These Bingo resources have been developed over time by many teachers over the past five years. They are both flexible and adaptable for any maths topic. We have used them for starters, plenaries and for revision. I have, in the past, given students the outline of a Bingo PowerPoint and got them to develop the questions for the rest of the class.

Secondary History - Movement and settlement

  • This collection looks at how people have moved and settled in the United Kingdom and beyond. It will focus on the diverse nationalities that have immigrated into the country and some of the complex reasons why certain groups have chosen to leave.

Secondary PSHE - Drugs and Alcohol

  • This collection of Secondary PSHE resources covers issues relating to drugs & alcohol and can provide some excellent support for engaging classroom discussions, especially as pupil focus may begin to wane as the end of term approaches. This collection of resources could also be used to refresh schemes of work for the year ahead and enhance even the best lessons on this topic.

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